Pure Cordyceps

The only TRUE cordyceps supplement available

Cordyceps is a rare and powerful medicinal mushroom. It provides so many proven health benefits, wholesale prices for it has reached $35,000 per pound!

Pure CordycepsFor centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Tibetan Medicine revered wild cordyceps as a potent immune-boosting, anti-aging properties. Modern studies show cordyceps provides numerous health benefits including:

  • Removing free radicals
  • Protecting against oxidation
  • Stimulating immune system response
  • Balancing blood lipids
  • Stimulate testosterone release
  • Reduce inflammation in lung airways
  • Prevent tumors from forming
  • Normalize blood sugar levels
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve CD4 to CD8 ratios in Hepatitis B patients
  • Strengthen kidney function

The only TRUE cordyceps

The most prized form of cordyceps is the wild variety called cordyceps sinesis. However, wild cordyceps only grows around the high altitudes of the Himalyas and in tiny sections along the border between China and India. Because it’s so rare, difficult to harvest, and subsequently expensive, most dietary supplements use the commercially farmed CS-4 culture.

The CS-4 cordyceps culture has been the staple of cordyceps supplements since the 1970s. With advances in genome testing, scientists learned CS-4 does contain beneficial properties, but it only contains a fraction of the medicinal properties found in wild cordyceps.

USDA organicIn 2001, the world’s leading cultivator of medicinal mushrooms (Aloha Medicinals), successfully cultivated the only cordyceps that is bio-identical to the powerful, wild cordyceps occurring in nature. Aloha Medicinal’s cultivation technology is so advanced, it was issued the only patent ever granted for mushroom hybridization.

This bio-identical variety is what you receive in Pure Cordyceps. Please note, this is NOT a genetically modified organism (GMO). Pure Cordyceps is 100% natural and certified by the world’s most demanding quality standards.
Made in America and Certified Organic Supplements for Dogs

Guaranteed safe, natural and effective

To maintain purity and potency, the cordyceps used in this formula are grown in a highly regulated, organic facility here in the U.S. And they’re grown in precisely monitored conditions to replicate the air pressure, temperature, soil conditions and other characteristics of the Himalayan mountainside.

Pure Cordyceps is guaranteed pure and safe:

  • Made with 100% USDA Certified Organic materials
  • Manufactured in a FDA registered facility
  • 100% non GMO
  • No heavy metals, toxins, or other contaminants
  • Made from Certified Kosher ingredients
  • Created according to the highest pharmaceutical standards
  • Absolutely no binders, fillers, flow enhancers or time release agents
  • Have no known side-effects
  • 100% non-toxic (no risk of overdosing)
  • Backed by our full satisfaction guarantee

Recommended Daily Use:

1 or 2 capsules once or twice a day with meals. As with any supplement, please consult with your healthcare professional when pregnant or nursing.

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Pure Cordyceps


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