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K9 Immunity™ has become the # 1  Veterinarian Recommended Immune Supplement for dogs in North America, and for a good reason – It Works !


K9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™ are immune enhancement supplements intended for dogs undergoing cancer treatment, or dogs that are facing other serious health challenges. These are the most potent immune enhancement products available for dogs today, and we are so certain they will help your dog they are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. These are the best canine immune supplements money can buy.


These product are All-American and contains NO ingredients from China


Simply stated, cancer is an immune dysfunction disease. About 100 million cells each and every day are replicated in adult dogs, and just by the sheer numbers involved some of the cells are liable to replicate with errors. One of the main functions of the immune system is to identify and destroy these aberrant cells before they have time to cause any damage or to reproduce any further, which would pass their errors along to the next generations of cells. But sometimes the immune system fails to recognize these aberrant cells, allowing them to continue growing and replicating further. Cancer is the result of this failure to recognize the aberrant cells as invaders. The goal of K9 Immunity™ or any other immune modulation therapy is to trigger the body’s normal recognition process, so it can recognize and destroy those aberrant cells before they create a problem. When we can trigger the body to recognize the cancer cells as invaders, the body mounts a defense against those invading cancer cells, destroying them and leaving behind scar tissue in their place. K-9 Immunity™  and K9 Immunity Plus™ are veterinary grade formulas specifically intended for use in dogs with cancer. They are made from the same pharmaceutical grade immune modulating compounds as our human product Immune Assist Critical Care Formula which is used in over 30 countries for mainstream human cancer treatment, but packaged specially for dogs. K-9 Immunity™   has been used in almost a million dogs to date, with outstanding success. Talk to your vet to see if immune supplementation may help your dog, or you can order direct and get started today! The links on the left will guide you to more detailed information on this and other canine products made by Aloha Medicinals, the world’s leader in advanced canine treatment options and daily canine health supplements.


cute dogK-9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™ consists of immune-activating polysaccharides and heteropolysaccharide immune trigger molecules, including PSK, PSP and Lentinan, which are the three most widely used anticancer compounds in the world today for human cancer treatment. This formula also contains nearly 200 other closely related immune-active polysaccharides which trigger other aspects of immune function. These compounds are sometimes referred to as glyconutrients, and are required for correct immune function in all mammals. K-9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™ are available in the USA (and many other countries) without a prescription. K-9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™ are all-natural, non-toxic daily supplement made entirely in the USA with all American ingredients. These are available through your veterinarian or may be purchased direct from the manufacturer. They are intended to be used in conjunction with conventional treatment and are not meant as a stand alone therapy. Cancer is a serious disease and there are no magic bullets or certain cures. But K-9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™ are valuable tools that can be used as part of the treatment regimen to achieve the best possible treatment outcome for your dog. Any cancer treatment protocol should be overseen by a Veterinarian or Veterinary oncologist specially trained in treating this disease. Please share all the information here with your Veterinarian and encourage them to contact us for any questions they may have, so we can all work together in ensuring that your dog is getting the best treatment possible. Please click on the link “For the Veterinarian” and print this out for your vet, as this gives the technical information they may require to gain the full potential from these products.


K-9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™  are 100% All-American made with no imported ingredients. Premium Pet Supplements is the actual manufacturer of these cutting edge immune product for dogs, from start to finish. They are produced under strict GMP regulations in FDA registered facilities. K-9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™ are made using only human grade pharmaceutical quality immune-active heteropolysaccharides produced in-house through an advanced and patented bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing process, and all Quality Control steps are independently verified through third party FDA certified labs. This way you can be assured K-9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™ are the SAFEST and MOST POTENT canine immune supplements available anywhere today. Don’t trust your dog’s health to imported supplements sold through internet marketing companies that have no control over the manufacturing of the product. Your dog’s health is too important to take that risk, especially now that he or she is facing the health challenge of their lifetime. When you have any questions about K-9 Immunity™ or K9 Immunity Plus™ or any other Aloha Medicinals veterinary product, the manufacturer is only a toll-free telephone call away. Aloha Medicinals maintains a free K9 Hotline where our specially trained customer service representatives can answer almost any question related to treatment options or complications you may be experiencing with your dog. If the hotline operator cannot answer your questions, you will be directed to one of our scientific or medical staff until we find someone who can answer your questions. We also maintain referrals for veterinarians and oncologist across the country in case you need help in finding the best vet for your dog. And there is no charge for this service!  Please call our Toll Free K9 Hotline if we can help: 888-366-3641


We invite and encourage Veterinarians and Oncologists to contact us for specific information and recommendations for use on particular patients. We also offer special Veterinarian and clinic discounts as well as dispensing sized packaging so you can carry this in your practice. We invite you to join us in accumulating statistical data by providing feedback on your clinical results. We would be glad to provide you with the forms to do so at no cost. We are also interested in recruiting clinicians for conducting further advanced clinical trials on specific canine cancers. Please contact our research department if you would like to become a research partner in this.


Now available direct from the manufacturer. No Prescription is Required.


K-9 Immunity™

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K-9 Immunity Plus™



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