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A Dog Cancer diagnosis is one of the scariest things you can face with your beloved companion. The ‘Family Pet’ is just that – A cherished member of the family. A diagnosis of cancer or other serious disease for him or her can be just as devastating as for any other member of the family. The thought of discarding or replacing our loved ones when they get sick is no more of an option than it would be for any other family member.


Now there is help. K-9 Immunity™ is a supplement for use in dogs fighting cancer. It is made from the same pharmaceutical grade immuno-modulating compounds that our human grade Immune-Assist is, but packaged specially for dogs. First developed for addressing cancer in guide dogs for the blind, now available for your dog. K-9 Immunity™ has been used in thousands of dogs with cancer , and for more than 6 years in human patients. Talk to your vet about K-9 Immunity™, or order now and get started today! Check the links above for detailed information on how this treatment adjunct works. 21st century breakthrough.



K-9 Immunity™ is a serious supplement that your vet should consider adding to the course of therapy he or she is recommending for treatment of your dog's cancer. It contains the most widely used anticancer compounds in the world: PSK, PSP and Lentinan, as well as nearly 200 other closely related heteropolysaccharide immunomodulator compounds. It is available in the USA and most other countries without a prescription. K-9 Immunity™ is a daily supplement derived from all natural sources. Made with Organic Immune Assist Micron. And it is made in America to the highest pharmaceutical standards. If you are outside the USA, email our order desk for full details on any shipping or permit requirements for your country. We currently ship to over 30 countries, so chances are we can get this to you.


Our dog's cancer is going away...

" We opted for a holistic route and started him on K-9 Immunity...when they took new x-rays everyone got a wonderful surprise – the cancer is resolving. The tumor is gone and his bone is looking better!!" - Read More


New Study Proves the Value of Concurrent
Immune Modulation Therapy on Dogs with Cancer [pdf]


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Success Stories

As I received my regular order of K-9 Immunity™ today, I thought about how fortunate I am to have found your company and I just wanted to say thanks.

Two years ago, my darling rottweiler, Dakota, was diagnosed with bone cancer and had one of her back legs amputated. After one year and many rounds of chemo, I was told that the cancer had spread to her lungs and that she had 3 months at most to live - that was 1 year ago. - Jill

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There is Hope For Your Dog

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Most dogs respond in 10 days

Most dogs (75%+) respond within the first 10 days of treatment. K-9 Immunity™ Is very fast acting, and if you do not see significant results in the first couple of weeks, then chances are the dog is not going to respond to this mode of therapy.

What do you have to lose? You won't know if K-9 Immunity™ will work for your dog if you never try it. We are here to help you and your dog deal with this dificult problem, so please call us at 888-366-3641


K9 Immunity Can Help

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Help Your Dog Today

Talk to your vet about K-9 Immunity™, or order now and get started today! Check the links on the left for detailed information on how this treatment adjunct works. 21st century breakthrough.

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